Há Baixa

2016 Edition + 2017 Edition / Visual Identity System

Há Baixa is a project promoted and founded by Architecture and Design students of the University of Coimbra. The visual identity system was designed during the project's first edition, in 2016, by the design team composed by me together with Sérgio Rebelo, Filipa Pereira, Miguel Cruz and Rafael Ferreira.

By promoting cultural events that disclose the aged downtown to younger people, and by rehabilitating housing/retail sites of someone in need, the main goal of the Há Baixa project is to help to improve the community living in Coimbra's downtown, which is being negatively affected by gentrification and over-tourism.

The logotype shortens the name Há Baixa into HAB. It's built to be quick and easy to reproduce in any kind of surface such as a stencil, or simply drawn by hand.

The 2016 event was built with two thematic strands: spatial and cultural. For general materials, such as the website, and for architecture events we used the color green. For cultural events, like concerts or film nights, we used the color blue.

In 2017, the Há Baixa's second edition design team was, and still is, a collaboration between me and Sérgio Rebelo.

Our aim was to refresh the previous visual system, while exploring graphic elements that express the building and learning process of the Há Baixa practice. In this way, we constrast geometric sans serif typography with handmade ink spots. The ink spots are illustrated by our friend and colleague André Monteiro.