Academias Gulbenkian do Conhecimento

2017 / Visual Identity System / Made with and for FBA.

Academias Gulbenkian do Conhecimento is a contest by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation intended to support social and emotional goals in children and young people.

FBA. was invited to make an identity bid to this project, and, with the creative direction of João Bicker, I designed it.

The 3 distinct lines of the logotype's symbol are the starting point for the construction of the visual system. By being overlapped, rotated, and color changed, these lines generate patterns, showing that it is possible to have consistency and diversity starting from a simple but solid base.

In order to make the pattern-making faster, I built a simple application using Processing that allows one to control certain variables, like the number of lines used in each symbol, the stroke's weight, the option of intercalation of the symbols, etc.